Get your health and safety system up and running.

At JA Safety Services, we understand that starting a new business is not easy. There are lots of things to think about, and lots of things to do.

Health and safety is usually the last thing that is thought of, and most small businesses struggle to know where to start.

JA Safety Services have put together a pack of 25 documents including important templates needed to get your health and safety journey started, including safety policy, risk assessment, induction, audit, inspection and more. The pack includes a frequently asked questions paper specifically aimed at a new business that will answer many key questions you may have. There are also another 19 carefully chosen documents that provide information and guidance. 

There is lots of vital information, with a total of over 40 documents.

In addition to producing many documents designed for a new business, we have saved you hours of your time by including information that is freely available. We have included details of other important organisations that provide information and guidance, a lot of it for free.

This pack is specifically aimed at new small businesses. It is an excellent starting point for your company to build on.

Buy now for just £45